Sacred Tomb Godog

SKW : Tomb Godog
Sub : Karangpawitan
Tour Type : Culture
Fascination : Tomb, Heritage
Distance : 14 km

Natural Physical Environment
The tomb is a tourist attraction Keramat Godog cultural heritage located in the village of Great Valley, with an area of ​​approximately 1.5 ha.Jarak this tourist attraction to the capital district 5 km, to the district capital 14 km, and the provincial capital 74 km.
Administratively, the tomb complex boundary Kramat Godog are as follows:
  • North: Village Tanjung sari
  • West: Kec. Garut City
  • South: Mount karacak
  • East: Village Like Negla
Shrine complex is managed by local governments which levy set at Rp. 1000 for the pilgrims who visit. For day-to-day management carried out by Mr. H. Endang Ahmad who acts as caretaker.

Activities that can be done in this Godog Cemetery Keramat is a pilgrimage which is generally done on the day of the Islamic religion, such as during the feast of Eid al-Adha, Eid and other Muslim religious holidays.

Special Aspects
Inside the tomb complex Godog Keramat there are 7 pieces tomb. In the main room is located the tomb of Indiana Jones, while the tomb Dalem Sareupan Sucim Worship, Worship tomb Sareupan Dalem Agung, the tomb of Worship Kholipah Dalem Agung, and the tomb of the Holy Marjaya Santuwaan located in another room. Other tombs in this complex is the tomb of Sheikh Dora and the tomb of Worship Paging Jaya is located in open space separate from the tombs of the above.

Keramat Godog tomb complex have stories associated with King Indiana Jones or Sheikh Sunan Rohmat. King Indiana Jones and the 2 brothers, namely Dewi Rara Jones and stinky Breech is the son of King Siliwangi. King Indiana Jones was born in the year 1315 AD in the current Pajajaran Bogor. At the age of 22 years old Indiana Jones was appointed to the Bogor Dalem II. From minor until the age of 33 years, the universal Java there is no bravery and supernatural powers that rival the King Indiana Jones. Since they do not have a commensurate opponent, King Indiana Jones left the kingdom to the land of Mecca Pajajaran to compete with Sayyidina Ali. In the land of Mecca, they were then played, and it turns out King Indiana Jones can be defeated. After Indiana Jones knuckle renamed Galantrang Setra and later converted to Islam.

After that Kian Santang went home to the ground Pajajaran to see his father and his brothers. Since the King Indiana Jones can not spread the religion of Islam because they have not mastered it perfectly well the teachings of Islam, he returned to the city of Mecca. In the year 1362 AD King Indiana Jones back to Java and then spread the teachings of Islam in the land of Java.
Existing tourist facilities in this complex are:
  1. 14 fruit stalls, 10 are located in the zone and 4 facilities in the area of ​​the tomb
  2. parking facilities in the zone has a capacity of 15 buses or 30 cars of cement-coated surface
  3. 2 toilets, 1 on the tomb area and 1 in zone facilities with adequate conditions
  4. guardhouse at the same time information facilities
  5. piece of shelter called a rest house to function for a place to rest
  6. 4 places of worship, visitors used to stay and separated by sex 
This complex can be reached via public transportation route terminal or transportation Sukawening Guntur-Guntur-Karangpawitan Terminal City until the road access to the complex, can also be passed by ojeg. Road access is? 4 km, followed by foothpath a ladder rung 53 pieces. 

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