Crater Darajat

SKW : Crater Darajat
Sub-district : Pasirwangi
Tour Type : Nature
Attraction : Crater

Physical Environment
The crater is located in Padaawas Darajat, District Pasirwangi. This tourist attraction has an appeal in the form of craters that produce steam heat as well as their natural shape of mountains and plantations. Visitors who come to the crater area Darajat can do tourism activity tracking, enjoying the scenery and study volcanoes. Currently managed by Darajat Crater. Amoseas in cooperation with PT. Pertamina. with the status of land ownership by PT Perhutani. Darajat this whole wide crater about 40 ha, and visitors who wish to perform activities of travel must have permission from the Amoseas. Licensing is dibertakukan because this area is also the danger of industrial estates and natural gas.
The administrative boundary of this region are:
North: Padaawas
West: Regions nature reserve
South: Village Sarimukti
East: Padaawas

Environmental quality of this region can be seen from the level of cleanliness and landscape of a very well preserved. For the size of an industrial estate Darajat crater area is quite clean, no pollution tercfapat trash and vandalism.

Special Aspects
Darajat Crater is part of the mountain ranges Papandayan with 2 of the active crater and 24 steam wells used by the party as a force Amoseas Steam Power (power plant).The average height of this crater is 1920 meters above sea level, with the general configuration of the land is hilly and benembah.
Facilities that support tourism activities in this area is
- The parking lot, located on the front page of the main building PT.Amoseas with a capacity of 20 cars.
- Entrance with a reasonable condition intended to keep the industrial area of ​​PT Amoseas well as to control the inbound visitors.
- Service information contained in every post guard with the condition and the service is quite good.

To visit the Crater Darajat can use. private car or public transport routes Tarogong - Pasirwangi a cost of Rp 3000/orang. Access roads located in the region has a wide crater Drajat? 5m and the length of the road? 3 Km.

The path to the crater has a length of 100 m and 1 m wide road

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Title : Crater Darajat
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