Paraglaiding Mountain Haruman

SKW : Cangkuang
Sub-district : Kadungora
Tour Type : nature / sports
Attraction : paraglaiding

Tourist attraction and appeal of sport Paraglading Haruman Mountain is located in the village of Sari Haruman, District Kadungora, Garut regency, West Java Province.Ownership status of land used for community land Paraglaiding is still not managed specifically. Mount Haruman have the level of approximately 1300 m above sea level and the mountain is not a type of volcano. General configuration of land is mountainous with steep slope is good land absorption, satabilitas good soil and the type of material is generally sandy rocky soil. Mount Haruman is an object used for sport Paraglaiding for those lovers of kite flying.

The base used to fly kites have a large 40 x 15 m2 which has a surface layer of grass land with a slope of sloping land. To make sport kite flying, every visitor usually bring their own equipment, this is because there is no special management that is not available the necessary equipment.
To reach Mount Haruman kite flying area we can through highway Garut? Bandung through Kadungora District. From Sub Kadungora to use private vehicles or ojeg towards the village of Sari Haruman. The distance traveled from the District Kadungora towards Haruman Sari Village is approximately 15 km with 2-4 m wide road that has less road quality. As for kite flying toward the runway from the village of Sari Haruman is 7-8 km, which is usually the visitors use the jeep or the like, this is caused by road conditions are very damaged so it does not allow to pass by a car than jeep.

Tourism activities that can be done in this area is kite flying, tracking, enjoying the scenery and photography. Visitors who come to Mount Haruman came from Jakarta, East Java, Central Java checkers. As well as foreign visitors come from Singapore, the Netherlands, Korea and the United States who want to exercise Paraglaiding.

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Title : Paraglaiding Mountain Haruman
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