Tourism Objects Situ Bagendit

SKW : Cipanas
Sub-district : Banyuresmi
Tour Type : Nature
Attraction : Situ, Lake, Parks Recreation

Natural Physical Environment
Bagendit Situ tourist attraction located in the village Bagendit, District Banyuresmi natural tourist attraction is a form of the lake with the northern boundary is bordered by Banyuresmi Village, adjacent to the south by the Village Cipicung, adjacent to the east by the Village Binakarya, and the west by the Village Sukamukti.

Tourism activities that can be done in Situ Bagendit include enjoying the scenery, around the lake by boat or raft. The visitors can also make family recreational activities, enjoy the scenery and water cycling activities.

The object of this tour is managed by Mr. Ajan Sobari with the status of ownership in the hands of local government whose authority is delegated to the Department of Tourism and Culture Garut regency and the private sector, Mr Adang Kurnia. Under the regulations no. 11 of 2001 the price of admission tickets to this region Rp. 1.000/individual for adults and Rp. 500/individual for children.

Special Aspects
Objects and natural attractions have Situ Bagendit environmental quality, cleanliness and landscape in good condition. The buildings contained in the region, whether permanent or semi-permanent, in well maintained condition. In this area there is pollution, litter and vandalism in the form of graffiti on buildings and trees. Visabilitas somewhat hindered in this region, the noise level is moderate and there are signs for advertising.

Facilities available in this region of 60 fruit raft rental rates to Rp.25.000/15 minutes, 11 units of water bike with tariff Rp.10.000/15 minutes in good conditions. There are also several park benches and 6 units rented shelter for visitors with Rp.3.000/jam price.There is also a mini train Rp.2.000 rates and pool area of ​​this Bagendit Situ. The atmosphere in this tourist area is quite comfortable due to its construction has been well planned by the tourism department, but still there are also illegal kiosks and street vendors who in vain to hold their merchandise so that the level visabilitas in the region become a little terhalang.Objek and attractions Situ Bagendit operates 07:00 to 17:00 o'clock. Building conditions contained in this area in good condition with a permanent type of building materials and semi-permanently in a fairly good spatial development in the region due Bagendit Situ has been well planned. Area of ​​objects and attractions of this Bagendit Situ environmental quality, cleanliness and the landscape in this region baik.di conditions contained waste pollution and vandalism in the form of graffiti on buildings and trees caused by pengunjung.Visabilitas somewhat hindered in this region, the level of noise currently there are few signs and advertisements.

Power source in this region comes from the PLN with 220 volts and the voltage distribution is sufficient. Water resources in this area comes from wells and taps with the quality of clear water, fresh water taste, and smell normal water. Sometimes there are obstacles in the area of ​​water use Situ Bagendit the dry season when the surrounding water receded. Sewerage system in this region is through septic tanks, sewer and irrigation system. Bagendit Situ tourist area also has a communications system in the form telepondalam inadequate amount. There is also a way Situ Bagendit setapa this region whose length? B 50m. in the front area there Bagendit Situ parking lot with an area of ​​1400 m2 with a capacity of 30 buses, 60 private cars and 180 motor vehicles in reasonably good condition with surface layer of soil, but vegetation peneduhnya inadequate. There is a post ticket that also serves as the entrance in pretty baik.terdapat also a public toilet in the building and hygiene conditions are sufficient. This region there is a playground with shade and vegetation in sufficient condition. There are places of worship in the form of Mosque and also there are 10 pieces of trash Bagendit Situ tourist region.

Distance tourist area Situ Bagendit from Garut city center is 4 km away. There is public transportation in the form of public transportation terminals Guntur-Kp.Mengger majors and Garut-Limbangan Rp.1.500 rate and tariff Rp.2.000.Kualitas ojeg with the sights and the level of security along the roads in the area of ​​objects and attractions are quite baik.jumlah employees objects and attractions of this Bagendit Situ of 6 people.Visitors who visited this tourist attraction reached 400-600 people per month.Pengunjug are usually derived from Garut, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Bogor, Bandung and Jakarta.

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