Waterfall Cihanyawar

SKW: Ngamplang
Sub: Cilawu
Tour Type: Nature
Attractions: Waterfall

Natural Physical Environment
Cihanyawar waterfall is located in the Village Sukamumi Cilawu Garut District and located at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. Oaya Its main attraction is a waterfall with a height of 16 m. The source water comes Cihanyawar waterfall and stream water from Mount Cipadaruun Cikuray springs.
Curug Cihanyawar are under the management of PTP Nusantara VIII and Sukamurni Village residents. Although located at the boundary between land owned by PTP Nusantara VIII and Sukamurni Village community owned land, but the formal legal ownership is in the hands of PTP Nusantara VIII Dayeuh Plantation gig, and included in the block Cipang plantations covering a total area 12.57 ha. General physical condition is hilly with steep slope. land around this waterfall is the area of ​​agriculture and plantation crops of local communities.
Dominant flora in this area are pine trees, lisamara, and kawung tree, while the fauna is dominated by a wild boar, snakes, raccoons, squirrels and various bird species.

Curug Cihanyawar have administrative boundaries as follows:
North: Village Sukamaju
South: Village Wangun Jaya
West: Village Sindangsari
East: Tasikmalaya Regency.
Tourism activities that can be done at the waterfall Cihanyawar include tracking, recreational / picnic, enjoy the scenery and photography

Special Aspects
In the waterfall Cihanyawar dikernbangkan not many facilities to support tourism activities, while the support facilities available in the form of 5 pieces of shelter located?50 m from the waterfall and places of worship in the form of small mosque and the mosque which is located in residential areas. In the vicinity of tourist accommodation facilities are not yet available and eating and drinking, but visitors can stay at the Hotel Ngamplang which is located in Tasikmalaya Highway at a distance? 2.5 km from the center of District Cilawu. Restaurant facilities closest to the location of this object is Megawati's Restaurant located at Jalan Raya Cigarangsang No. 42, Sub Cilawu.

To reach the waterfall location Cihanyawar to use private vehicles or public transportation routes Guntur-terminal Bojongloa Rp.2.000 rate, - per person and use other means of transportation such as microbus-Garut route Singapama Rp.6.000 rate,-per person. Achievement to the location of the final waterfall Cihanyawar access roads, visitors can use ojeg Rp.1.500 rates - Rp.3.000, - per person. The road to the falls is supported by the type of district roads with a width 2.5 m and a fairly good condition.

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Title : Waterfall Cihanyawar
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