Sanur Beach is located in Sanur Village, approximately 6 km from the City of Denpasar, Bali Province, Island of Bali. Sanur beach is easily reachable from Denpasar, about a 5 to 10 minute drive.

Sanur beach is the beach for family recreation, many families come from the City of Denpasar to Sanur beach for relaxing.

Activities in the Sanur Beach, Bali:
Sanur Beach has waves that are not too big so that is suitable to perform activities such as swimming, bathing in the sea, canoeist sport, fish fishing, parasailing and other activities.
In the Sanur Beach, we can jog along the white sandy beach.

At Sanur beach, many foreign tourists sunbathing on the beach while enjoying the beautiful Sanur Beach.
Sanur beach famous for the beautiful sunrise. Sunrise in the morning in Sanur Beach with so beautiful. Sanur Beach is an excellent site to watch the sunrise.

It is interesting in the Sanur Beach
● In the north of Sanur Beach, the beach form a circle like a half circle.
● The south coast turn from east to west.
● When the sea water receding, it will show the beauty of coral reefs.
● Nusa Penida island across the sea can be seen from the Sanur Beach.
● From Sanur Beach, Serangan Island across the sea can be seen.
● In the area of Sanur beach, it’s found a museum, its name is Le Mayeur Museum.

Facilities available
Around Sanur beach there are many star hotels, hotel, lodging, villas, resorts, restaurants, fast food restaurants, souvenir shops
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