Waterfall Cihanyawar

SKW: Ngamplang
Sub: Cilawu
Tour Type: Nature
Attractions: Waterfall

Natural Physical Environment
Cihanyawar waterfall is located in the Village Sukamumi Cilawu Garut District and located at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. Oaya Its main attraction is a waterfall with a height of 16 m. The source water comes Cihanyawar waterfall and stream water from Mount Cipadaruun Cikuray springs.
Curug Cihanyawar are under the management of PTP Nusantara VIII and Sukamurni Village residents. Although located at the boundary between land owned by PTP Nusantara VIII and Sukamurni Village community owned land, but the formal legal ownership is in the hands of PTP Nusantara VIII Dayeuh Plantation gig, and included in the block Cipang plantations covering a total area 12.57 ha. General physical condition is hilly with steep slope. land around this waterfall is the area of ​​agriculture and plantation crops of local communities.
Dominant flora in this area are pine trees, lisamara, and kawung tree, while the fauna is dominated by a wild boar, snakes, raccoons, squirrels and various bird species.

Curug Cihanyawar have administrative boundaries as follows:
North: Village Sukamaju
South: Village Wangun Jaya
West: Village Sindangsari
East: Tasikmalaya Regency.
Tourism activities that can be done at the waterfall Cihanyawar include tracking, recreational / picnic, enjoy the scenery and photography

Special Aspects
In the waterfall Cihanyawar dikernbangkan not many facilities to support tourism activities, while the support facilities available in the form of 5 pieces of shelter located?50 m from the waterfall and places of worship in the form of small mosque and the mosque which is located in residential areas. In the vicinity of tourist accommodation facilities are not yet available and eating and drinking, but visitors can stay at the Hotel Ngamplang which is located in Tasikmalaya Highway at a distance? 2.5 km from the center of District Cilawu. Restaurant facilities closest to the location of this object is Megawati's Restaurant located at Jalan Raya Cigarangsang No. 42, Sub Cilawu.

To reach the waterfall location Cihanyawar to use private vehicles or public transportation routes Guntur-terminal Bojongloa Rp.2.000 rate, - per person and use other means of transportation such as microbus-Garut route Singapama Rp.6.000 rate,-per person. Achievement to the location of the final waterfall Cihanyawar access roads, visitors can use ojeg Rp.1.500 rates - Rp.3.000, - per person. The road to the falls is supported by the type of district roads with a width 2.5 m and a fairly good condition.

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Santolo Beach

Santolo Beach
SKW: Pameungpeuk
Sub: Cikelet
Tour Type: Nature
Attractions: Beach scene 

One of the most popular beaches are in the district. Garut is Santolo Beach. Located in the district. Cikelet, south of Garut city center, distance traveled within 3.5 hour drive or about 88 km.

Panati are well known in the city of Bandung and is a tourist destination. Santolo Coast region is a gathering of traditional fishermen who will be developed into a beautiful tourist destination. It is also an area for fishing activities as a dock (port) fishing vessel or boat that is in Pameungpeuk.

Enjoying panoramic coastal and marine tourism is an activity that can be done. There are also charter boats that serve the tourists to enjoy the pounding surf south coast is quite challenging. In addition we can enjoy fresh seafood dishes with a simple dish. facilities required by tourists is available such as inns, souvenir stalls at affordable prices.

Other Photos: 

Santolo Beach
Santolo Beach
Santolo Beach

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Jafar Umar Sidik Graveyard

SKW : Cangkuang
Sub : Leuwigoong
Tour Type : Culture
Fascination : Tomb, Heritage
Distance : 15 km
Natural Physical Environment
Umar Jafar Sidik tomb is 300 m from the capital district, and 15 km from the capital city of Garut regency, with the north boundary adjacent to the Village Cibiuk Kaler, on the south by South Cibiuk Village, adjacent to the east by the Village Sindang Like and in the west with Hegar Sari Village.

Activities that can be done at this tourist attraction is a pilgrimage and study the culture, especially history and culture of Islam.

Special Aspects
Umar Jafar Sidik tomb is a tourist attraction that belong to the heritage of cultural attractions with physical formations (relic / artefac) form of the tomb, and is located in the Village Cisareupan, District Cibiuk. This tomb complex of the extent of 5 ha and is managed by Mr. Ustadz Ade and surrounding communities. Umar Jafar Sidik tomb consists of four main tomb, all of which are close relatives of Omar Jafar Sidik and other Islamic religious spreaders in Garut district, which is the tomb of Abdul Jabar grandparent who is an in-law Omar Jafar Sidik, Umar Jafar Sidik own tomb, the tomb of Siti Fatimah's grandparent who is Jafar Umar's wife, and the tomb of Wali Mohammed Nur Kosim grandparent who is none other than his sister. The four tombs are located sequentially in order of mention from top to bottom are each bordered by wooden fences.

To support tourism activities available range of facilities, both specifically designed for pilgrimage as well as the nature of activities not directly allocated to activities of pilgrimage. Facilities available in this region, among others, 7 pieces hawker stalls in reasonably good condition, parking, public toilets, shelters and places of worship. Snacks are available at kiosks around the area especially along the path to the tomb. This hawker stall serves also as a shelter because of the deliberate construction formed as well as a place to rest with the capacity and adequate structure. Parking for private vehicles as the dismissal of visitor facilities provided by the village community with a maximum capacity of 10 cars and the surface is not coated with cement, with a medium and vegetation conditions are not adequate shade so impressed poorly maintained. For the needs of worship facilities are located near the mosque and tomb chamber and made of bamboo or use the mosque located near settlements. For basic amenities like public toilets available two conditions because of inadequate physical plant maintained and clean less. One of two public toilets are located in the parking lot.

Infrastructure contained in this tomb complex as the source of water and electricity are available in adequate amounts. For clean water sources are wells in the vicinity of the tomb area during the dry season the water discharge is very small and somewhat cloudy. The power source used to illuminate the road on the path to the tomb area who come from PLN.

When visitors visit the cemetery, it will pass a long road Cibiuk District? 140 m with asphalt a good condition, and passing along the road village? 80 m and 50-60 m along the path that shaped the surface coated with cement foothpath. To get to the site visitors can use to route Limbangan rural transport? Cibatu until the beginning of the road access or to use the services of ojeg with a tariff of Rp. 3,000 from Limbangan to the tomb area.

Other photos:

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Sacred Tomb Godog

SKW : Tomb Godog
Sub : Karangpawitan
Tour Type : Culture
Fascination : Tomb, Heritage
Distance : 14 km

Natural Physical Environment
The tomb is a tourist attraction Keramat Godog cultural heritage located in the village of Great Valley, with an area of ​​approximately 1.5 ha.Jarak this tourist attraction to the capital district 5 km, to the district capital 14 km, and the provincial capital 74 km.
Administratively, the tomb complex boundary Kramat Godog are as follows:
  • North: Village Tanjung sari
  • West: Kec. Garut City
  • South: Mount karacak
  • East: Village Like Negla
Shrine complex is managed by local governments which levy set at Rp. 1000 for the pilgrims who visit. For day-to-day management carried out by Mr. H. Endang Ahmad who acts as caretaker.

Activities that can be done in this Godog Cemetery Keramat is a pilgrimage which is generally done on the day of the Islamic religion, such as during the feast of Eid al-Adha, Eid and other Muslim religious holidays.

Special Aspects
Inside the tomb complex Godog Keramat there are 7 pieces tomb. In the main room is located the tomb of Indiana Jones, while the tomb Dalem Sareupan Sucim Worship, Worship tomb Sareupan Dalem Agung, the tomb of Worship Kholipah Dalem Agung, and the tomb of the Holy Marjaya Santuwaan located in another room. Other tombs in this complex is the tomb of Sheikh Dora and the tomb of Worship Paging Jaya is located in open space separate from the tombs of the above.

Keramat Godog tomb complex have stories associated with King Indiana Jones or Sheikh Sunan Rohmat. King Indiana Jones and the 2 brothers, namely Dewi Rara Jones and stinky Breech is the son of King Siliwangi. King Indiana Jones was born in the year 1315 AD in the current Pajajaran Bogor. At the age of 22 years old Indiana Jones was appointed to the Bogor Dalem II. From minor until the age of 33 years, the universal Java there is no bravery and supernatural powers that rival the King Indiana Jones. Since they do not have a commensurate opponent, King Indiana Jones left the kingdom to the land of Mecca Pajajaran to compete with Sayyidina Ali. In the land of Mecca, they were then played, and it turns out King Indiana Jones can be defeated. After Indiana Jones knuckle renamed Galantrang Setra and later converted to Islam.

After that Kian Santang went home to the ground Pajajaran to see his father and his brothers. Since the King Indiana Jones can not spread the religion of Islam because they have not mastered it perfectly well the teachings of Islam, he returned to the city of Mecca. In the year 1362 AD King Indiana Jones back to Java and then spread the teachings of Islam in the land of Java.
Existing tourist facilities in this complex are:
  1. 14 fruit stalls, 10 are located in the zone and 4 facilities in the area of ​​the tomb
  2. parking facilities in the zone has a capacity of 15 buses or 30 cars of cement-coated surface
  3. 2 toilets, 1 on the tomb area and 1 in zone facilities with adequate conditions
  4. guardhouse at the same time information facilities
  5. piece of shelter called a rest house to function for a place to rest
  6. 4 places of worship, visitors used to stay and separated by sex 
This complex can be reached via public transportation route terminal or transportation Sukawening Guntur-Guntur-Karangpawitan Terminal City until the road access to the complex, can also be passed by ojeg. Road access is? 4 km, followed by foothpath a ladder rung 53 pieces. 

Other photos:

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Crater Darajat

SKW : Crater Darajat
Sub-district : Pasirwangi
Tour Type : Nature
Attraction : Crater

Physical Environment
The crater is located in Padaawas Darajat, District Pasirwangi. This tourist attraction has an appeal in the form of craters that produce steam heat as well as their natural shape of mountains and plantations. Visitors who come to the crater area Darajat can do tourism activity tracking, enjoying the scenery and study volcanoes. Currently managed by Darajat Crater. Amoseas in cooperation with PT. Pertamina. with the status of land ownership by PT Perhutani. Darajat this whole wide crater about 40 ha, and visitors who wish to perform activities of travel must have permission from the Amoseas. Licensing is dibertakukan because this area is also the danger of industrial estates and natural gas.
The administrative boundary of this region are:
North: Padaawas
West: Regions nature reserve
South: Village Sarimukti
East: Padaawas

Environmental quality of this region can be seen from the level of cleanliness and landscape of a very well preserved. For the size of an industrial estate Darajat crater area is quite clean, no pollution tercfapat trash and vandalism.

Special Aspects
Darajat Crater is part of the mountain ranges Papandayan with 2 of the active crater and 24 steam wells used by the party as a force Amoseas Steam Power (power plant).The average height of this crater is 1920 meters above sea level, with the general configuration of the land is hilly and benembah.
Facilities that support tourism activities in this area is
- The parking lot, located on the front page of the main building PT.Amoseas with a capacity of 20 cars.
- Entrance with a reasonable condition intended to keep the industrial area of ​​PT Amoseas well as to control the inbound visitors.
- Service information contained in every post guard with the condition and the service is quite good.

To visit the Crater Darajat can use. private car or public transport routes Tarogong - Pasirwangi a cost of Rp 3000/orang. Access roads located in the region has a wide crater Drajat? 5m and the length of the road? 3 Km.

The path to the crater has a length of 100 m and 1 m wide road

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Tourism Objects Situ Bagendit

SKW : Cipanas
Sub-district : Banyuresmi
Tour Type : Nature
Attraction : Situ, Lake, Parks Recreation

Natural Physical Environment
Bagendit Situ tourist attraction located in the village Bagendit, District Banyuresmi natural tourist attraction is a form of the lake with the northern boundary is bordered by Banyuresmi Village, adjacent to the south by the Village Cipicung, adjacent to the east by the Village Binakarya, and the west by the Village Sukamukti.

Tourism activities that can be done in Situ Bagendit include enjoying the scenery, around the lake by boat or raft. The visitors can also make family recreational activities, enjoy the scenery and water cycling activities.

The object of this tour is managed by Mr. Ajan Sobari with the status of ownership in the hands of local government whose authority is delegated to the Department of Tourism and Culture Garut regency and the private sector, Mr Adang Kurnia. Under the regulations no. 11 of 2001 the price of admission tickets to this region Rp. 1.000/individual for adults and Rp. 500/individual for children.

Special Aspects
Objects and natural attractions have Situ Bagendit environmental quality, cleanliness and landscape in good condition. The buildings contained in the region, whether permanent or semi-permanent, in well maintained condition. In this area there is pollution, litter and vandalism in the form of graffiti on buildings and trees. Visabilitas somewhat hindered in this region, the noise level is moderate and there are signs for advertising.

Facilities available in this region of 60 fruit raft rental rates to Rp.25.000/15 minutes, 11 units of water bike with tariff Rp.10.000/15 minutes in good conditions. There are also several park benches and 6 units rented shelter for visitors with Rp.3.000/jam price.There is also a mini train Rp.2.000 rates and pool area of ​​this Bagendit Situ. The atmosphere in this tourist area is quite comfortable due to its construction has been well planned by the tourism department, but still there are also illegal kiosks and street vendors who in vain to hold their merchandise so that the level visabilitas in the region become a little terhalang.Objek and attractions Situ Bagendit operates 07:00 to 17:00 o'clock. Building conditions contained in this area in good condition with a permanent type of building materials and semi-permanently in a fairly good spatial development in the region due Bagendit Situ has been well planned. Area of ​​objects and attractions of this Bagendit Situ environmental quality, cleanliness and the landscape in this region baik.di conditions contained waste pollution and vandalism in the form of graffiti on buildings and trees caused by pengunjung.Visabilitas somewhat hindered in this region, the level of noise currently there are few signs and advertisements.

Power source in this region comes from the PLN with 220 volts and the voltage distribution is sufficient. Water resources in this area comes from wells and taps with the quality of clear water, fresh water taste, and smell normal water. Sometimes there are obstacles in the area of ​​water use Situ Bagendit the dry season when the surrounding water receded. Sewerage system in this region is through septic tanks, sewer and irrigation system. Bagendit Situ tourist area also has a communications system in the form telepondalam inadequate amount. There is also a way Situ Bagendit setapa this region whose length? B 50m. in the front area there Bagendit Situ parking lot with an area of ​​1400 m2 with a capacity of 30 buses, 60 private cars and 180 motor vehicles in reasonably good condition with surface layer of soil, but vegetation peneduhnya inadequate. There is a post ticket that also serves as the entrance in pretty baik.terdapat also a public toilet in the building and hygiene conditions are sufficient. This region there is a playground with shade and vegetation in sufficient condition. There are places of worship in the form of Mosque and also there are 10 pieces of trash Bagendit Situ tourist region.

Distance tourist area Situ Bagendit from Garut city center is 4 km away. There is public transportation in the form of public transportation terminals Guntur-Kp.Mengger majors and Garut-Limbangan Rp.1.500 rate and tariff Rp.2.000.Kualitas ojeg with the sights and the level of security along the roads in the area of ​​objects and attractions are quite baik.jumlah employees objects and attractions of this Bagendit Situ of 6 people.Visitors who visited this tourist attraction reached 400-600 people per month.Pengunjug are usually derived from Garut, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Bogor, Bandung and Jakarta.

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Paraglaiding Mountain Haruman

SKW : Cangkuang
Sub-district : Kadungora
Tour Type : nature / sports
Attraction : paraglaiding

Tourist attraction and appeal of sport Paraglading Haruman Mountain is located in the village of Sari Haruman, District Kadungora, Garut regency, West Java Province.Ownership status of land used for community land Paraglaiding is still not managed specifically. Mount Haruman have the level of approximately 1300 m above sea level and the mountain is not a type of volcano. General configuration of land is mountainous with steep slope is good land absorption, satabilitas good soil and the type of material is generally sandy rocky soil. Mount Haruman is an object used for sport Paraglaiding for those lovers of kite flying.

The base used to fly kites have a large 40 x 15 m2 which has a surface layer of grass land with a slope of sloping land. To make sport kite flying, every visitor usually bring their own equipment, this is because there is no special management that is not available the necessary equipment.
To reach Mount Haruman kite flying area we can through highway Garut? Bandung through Kadungora District. From Sub Kadungora to use private vehicles or ojeg towards the village of Sari Haruman. The distance traveled from the District Kadungora towards Haruman Sari Village is approximately 15 km with 2-4 m wide road that has less road quality. As for kite flying toward the runway from the village of Sari Haruman is 7-8 km, which is usually the visitors use the jeep or the like, this is caused by road conditions are very damaged so it does not allow to pass by a car than jeep.

Tourism activities that can be done in this area is kite flying, tracking, enjoying the scenery and photography. Visitors who come to Mount Haruman came from Jakarta, East Java, Central Java checkers. As well as foreign visitors come from Singapore, the Netherlands, Korea and the United States who want to exercise Paraglaiding.

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Mountain Guntur

SKW : Cipanas
Sub-district : Tarogong Kaler
Tour Type : Nature
Attraction : Panorama Nature
Mileage : 8 km

Natural Physical Environment

Thunder Mountain is one of the mountain which is owned by Garut district, which is located in Kampung Hamlet Village District Pananjung Tarogong Kaler. This mountain has a total area of ​​approximately 250 ha of which still form an open area, and wholly managed by the West Java BKSDA II which refers to the legality of Minister of Forestry Decree No: 274/kpts II/99. Thunder Mountain region is located 3 km from the capital district Tarogong Kaler and 7 km from the capital city of Garut Regency. Thunder Mountain is an active volcano with volcanic activity has a height of 2,000 m above sea level and has a crater that contained in one peak. Mount Guntur has a unique landscape character which has three hills at its peak, each hill has a height of 1000 m (from the foot of the mountain), 1200 m and 1300 m the highest peak. This mountain has an appeal in the form of a challenging mountain terrain, valleys, waterfalls, rivers, natural panorama and craters. Mount Guntur has the general configuration of mountainous land with a very steep slope and a soil material in the form of rocky sand.For the stability of the soil is relatively unstable region, with high levels of catastrophic landslide and soil and adequate soil absorption.
District boundary Thunder Mountain Nature Park are as follows:
North: Village Pasawahan
West: Kab. Bandung
South: Village Pananjung
East: Village Rancabango
Thunder Mountain Regions TWA has not been intensively developed for tourism area, it's just a lot of Mountain Thunder visited by explorers and serve as areas for camping, hiking and tracking.

Special Aspects

On the Thunder Mountain area, there are no facilities and infrastructure that support tourism activities. This happens because the Thunder Mountain area has not received special attention by the local government to be developed into an area that can be used for sport tourism activities, especially the glading. But there are facilities to support the shelter with a single sufficient condition contained in the location of waterfalls Citiis.

Accessibility Towards Object

To reach to the foot of the mountain, a distance of 5 km from Garut city terminal (terminal Guntur), can use city angkuta cost Rp. 1.500/orang majoring in Garut?Cipanas which operates from 5:00 to 19:00 o'clock am, or can use a form of traditional freight wagon with a tariff of Rp. 3,000. Accessibility to get to the Thunder Mountain area is a highway with road class district that has a width of 3 m and a length of 3 km with good condition, road access has a sufficient condition by road class village that has a width of 2.5-3m and a length of 2 km, and There is also a path of width 0.5-1 m with a sufficient condition.

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Park Recreation and Swimming Pool Cipanas

SKW : Cipanas
Sub-district : Tarogong Kidul
Tour Type : Artificial
Attraction : Recreation Park, Heated Swimming Pool, Jogging
Mileage : 6 km

Natural Physical Environment
Park made a tourist attraction and recreation Cipanas hot water pools located in Cipanas, Kec. Tarogong. Total area of ​​land owned by local government following Garut Hotel Cipanas Indah is 9335 m2. General configuration of this recreational park land is hilly, with steep slope, soil stability is, and good soil absorption, as well as adequate environmental quality.
This recreational park administration in the north bordering rice field
Village, Hamlet, in the west by District Tarogong, in the southern district. Bayongbong and in the east with Kec. Tarogong.

Special Aspects
The facilities available here are swimming pool sized hot water 20x10 m2 with good condition, 4 pieces of public toilets with hygiene and the condition of the building is quite awake. In addition there are 2 pieces of trash, an information center located near the doorway, and a control tower that the condition is sufficient. Other facilities are most often used is the shelter as many as 4 pieces with a sufficient condition, as well as a playground in good condition and clean enough. Other ingredients found in this park is a parking lot that can accommodate 30 private vehicles or 80 motorcycles.Activities that can be done at this recreational park is a swim, enjoy the scenery and take a walk around the park.

To go to a recreational park can use a private vehicle which will travel a distance of 2 km from the district Tarogong. It also can use public transportation with majors Cipanas-Tarogong a cost of Rp. 1000. The condition of the road to a good area, with streets 3-4 meters wide.

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