Natural Physical Environment
Rancabuaya beach has a height of 000-200 m above sea level, rainfall of 1,200 mm / year with the sun's radiation and small wind power. Coastal waters are blue, the water smells normal, and normal temperature. Average wave height of less than 1 meter, and the seabed material in the form of fine sand, rocks, and coarse sand, including areas along the coastline. The slope of the sloping sea, and overgrown with seaweed and green alley alley as the dominant marine flora. While the dominant marine fauna is tuna and reef fish.
The gently sloping coastal areas have material in the form of pure white fine sand, with a length of 1000-2000 and 100-200 m wide, and a small abrasion level, so that stability eukup good beaches. Dominant flora in the beach is a palm tree and the tree ketapan. Rancabuaya Coast has the quality environment and good hygiene, and almost not there are various forms of pollution. This beach has free visabilitas with low noise levels.
Administratively, in the north bordering Rancabuaya
Caringin village, west of the Indian Ocean, south of the Village Indralayang, and next timu, adjacent to the Village Sinarjaya. Seeara natural, natural environment into this coastal boundary is farmland and perkebuna! L in the north, Ocean Indonesia in the west and east, and farmland in the south.
The beach is located in the village Raneabuaya Purbayani Caringin District has an area of ​​10 ha with a total land area of ​​1524 ha. Oari entire area that has been utilized for the construction of tourist facilities:? 2 ha.
The power source in the district is derived from the PLN with a voltage of 220 volts and a good distribution, while the source of clean water from the River and River Cihrashas Cihideung having a clearer water quality, a sense of fresh water, and odorless. For waste disposal systems in coastal areas use non-permanent trash scattered in the coastal area. Communication systems in the region use the phone with an adequate amount.
There are 2 nature tourism activities that can be done by the tourists who visit this attraction, which is the active nature hiking and tracking as well as the passive is to enjoy the scenery.
Tenure Rancabuaya coastal areas is 70% owned land and the rest is rural land, while managed by Kompepar (tourism movers Group) whose members consist of local communities.

Special Aspects
This beach area has 22 pieces owned villas and lecturer mahasiswali ITS, and 4 pieces lodging in good condition, 40 fruit stalls in good condition, and a parking lot area of ​​3 hectares which can accommodate 100 buses, the condition is still under construction with a layer of soil surface adequate shade and vegetation.
On the beach is provided 2 pieces of public tDilet privately owned, with the level of cleanliness / sanitation and building conditions quite well. rinse place 2 pieces with the conditions and the level of adequate sanitation, shelter (shelter) 2 with the condition and cleanliness of fruit that is quite good. Not far from the beach location terdapatpos health is a public health facilities for the community.
The exit-entry ticket that serves as a post there is a fruit with a sufficient condition. Entrance to the beach designated manager of Rp. 1000,-l people.

Tools that can be used to transport shoreward In. is 3 pieces minibus (bus 3 / 4)-Garut route Rancabuaya the frequency of scheduled and operate between the hours of 4:30 to 8:00. For transportation to the region, may also use non-scheduled public transportation or transportation vehicles to use the village called "paranggong" a pickup.
Distance from the capital of the region Rancabuaya Loaded Java Province 167 km, and distance from the Capital District 105 km, and distance from the center helper District (Caringin) 30 km.
Access to the Beach Rancabuaya of highway districts with width 6 m and a length of 120 km, while access in the region or to the beach area of ​​4 m wide road with fairly good condition.