Garut is already famous for its dodolnya now increasingly innovative with an assortment of fruit flavors. But if you want to know more, will surely agree that the beauty of their arrowroot instead of just lunkhead.

Talaga Bodas is one proof of that charm is not just lunkhead Garut. That day the second Saturday in 2009, the fog covering the sun from view when I arrived at the lip Talaga Bodas. I let my guide who was also a motorcycle I returned to the post to leave his motorcycle, while I was busy photographer aiming his Nikon standard lens in my hand. No one else is visible around the lake, though there was a scream that echoed, reflected repeatedly between the hills that surround the place.

Hilltops already enveloped in mist that moves down, but no visible signs of rain. It's still good, although the sky was not visible at all, nature is still welcomed us. The entire surface of the lake and its surroundings are still clearly visible to immortalized the memory card into digital data. But I had to hurry because the weather in the mountains can change quickly.

Talaga beach trip tracing starts to the left. This time let me use the word for left-right direction, instead of north south east west. Hiking trail winding orientation system has destroyed my subconscious, let alone navigation system. While the sun was not visible, and no large mossy plants for future reference east-west direction as taught in classes or Land Navigation Survival.

Just a few steps to follow the edge of the lake, warm water bursts from beneath the sand with a bang-bang typical volcano divert attention and focus my camera for a while. But our guide was reminded, in front there is still much bigger and exciting. Well, I believe, then we continued on foot.

After about a quarter of the lake we live, we come across a hillside like a peeling. It's the rest of the eruption is still not overgrown plants. As a split Papandayan slopes when the eruption in 2003, this place is also filled with hot mud wells (but not Lapindo) with the characteristic odor of sulfur. I try to climb the little hill of bare parts, and then photographing the lake view from the top. His picture below. After being photographed, I asked the guide a quick break while enjoying the panorama of the lake. I then handed one of two bottles of beverage packaging to him, and offer a snack of chocolate. Then the journey continued.

When almost at the edge of the lake across from where we came, sounded like a waterfall from the trees. When approached, it is true there is a small waterfall near the former bivouac newly abandoned. Here of course the source of drinking water for their camping. Not far from there there are two storage pools of hot water (heat is no longer warm) and shower. Here a shower or bath, said guide. It had not occurred to shower let alone a bath because besides there is no preparation, water temperature exceeds the limits of tolerance here in the dermis layer of my body. Not to mention when looking toward the shower water flows, there is a big pile of pants and shorts in the former people who shower and bath. Akh, littering the mountain and the lake alone.

From here we continued our journey through the path between the grass-length. Then we found the five people who were sitting around the fireplace and busy butchering the meat of animals the size of a young goat or dog. No mean to interrupt, we only excuse and left, went on until arriving back at where we started around the lake. When completed around the lake, two motorcycle-style trail riders arrive at the lake, pausing to observe the street, then drive his motorcycle that roared again broke the silence of the atmosphere of the lake that afternoon. At that time, the fog has come down even further to cover the view over the lake.

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