Sacred Tomb Cinunuk

Natural Physical Environment
Tourism has a vast tomb Cinunuk 23.85 ha, and administrative boundaries as follows:
North: Village Wanaradja
West: Village Banyuresmi
South: Village Situ Sari
East Village Long Tegal
Building the tomb is divided into two parts, namely at the tomb of the outside of the right side, there are 9 left 12 graves and the tomb, while on the inside of the tomb there are four tombs. To visit the Tomb of Cinunuk can be accompanied by a number Kuncen 9 people and is a descendant of Raden Papah. The tomb is managed by Mr Rukayad Families who were the offspring / the 4th generation of Raden Papah.

Special Aspects
Raden Raden Wangsa Muhammad Papah or an elder as well as spreaders of Islam in Sub Wanaradja. He is a figure that is still known as a propagator of Islam.
Cinunuk tomb complex has several facilities which are: 3 fruit hawker stalls
Parking lot with an area of ​​170 m2
2 pieces of public toilets
1 piece Shelter
health posts
2 pieces of places of worship.
clinic within 100 m of the area.
This tomb complex has no accommodation facilities. Nearest accommodation facilities are Layung Sari Camping in JI.Wanaradja Raya No.1, seclangkan security facilities similar to those contained in the Village Cinunuk.
In the tomb complex is no special information center, but visitors who come to obtain information about the tomb of the pack Rukayad Kuncen.

Towards Accessibility Object
Cinunuk Tomb Complex is 2 miles from the center Wanaradja District, 12 km to the Garut regency. and 63 km to the provincial capital of Bandung. For accessibility aspects of the Tomb of Cinunuk pass road districts with road length of 20 m from the district office Wanaradja, access roads of rural roads with a length of 1.2 km and a width of 3 m and a path in the form of foot path with a length of 20 meters wide and 1.2 m. For the achievement to the destination can use the city transportation department of transportation Sukawening beginning of the road until the road access. Of rapid access road transport OJEG.

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