Jatim Park2 Malang Indonesia

About Jatim Park 2

Jatim Park 2
Jatim Park 2
Jatim Park 2 stands on an area of 14 hectares, located in the village of Oro-oro Onbo, District of Batu, Malang. Built adjacent to the Jatim Park 1 that has a ethnic collection containing a variety of traditional costumes of the archipelago, a miniature temple, park study, a 3D cinema, swimming pool and many other exciting attractions, Jatim Park 2 is also adjacent to the tourist area of BNS.

The main building of Jatim Park 2 resembles the State Palace. The park area of contains a zoo and a museum. The zoo, with the name of the Batu Secret Zoo, is certainly more interesting and more complete than most zoos

The Museum of Jatim Park is the largest and most comprehensive wildlife museum with a collection of hundreds dioramas of insects, rhinos, White Lion, Tiger, African deer, various birds and beautiful reptiles. The animals in the museum collection are from various parts of the world: Europe, Africa, America, Antarctica and China.

Jatim Park 2 has educational tours, attractions and is a good time to spend with family and children, with 21 special children's area and more than 50 educative rides. There are 80 dioramas of animals from within and outside Indonesia, giving a real look on the animal life in their habitat.

The Jatim Park insektarium contains 5000 species of insects originating from various countries such as Peru, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, Malaysia, even from the island of Madagascar on the east coast of Africa and of course insects from forests in Indonesia. To get an idea of underwater life, there are also many fish diorama. Here you will be presented with life in freshwater such as rivers, lakes, swamps, and in sea water with different depths.

When you first enter the Jatim Park, you are welcomed by giant bird cage in which are ornaments like flowers and bird sculptures that is deliberately served as an object to be photographed. Jatim Park 2 is an outstanding work of art, combining paintings and wildlife in a contemporary international concept and is comparable to Genting and the Sentosa Island in Singapore.
Sometimes we are lazy to go to a museum, because we see a museum as a place with a collection of boring ancient objects, but Jatim Park differs in a good way and makes it fun to learn and know more about the wildlife. In Jatim Park 2 you can see the animals that became extinct by the many dioramas in the museum, you can also see various kinds of animals that are of course still alive in the Batu Secret Zoo, where the animals are kept as much in their natural habitat giving you a good view of their lives and makes it more fun to watch.

You can even combine it with a dinner, by eating in the company of animals at Jungle Fast Food inside the Park.

The Park is open hours from 10:00 to 18:00, park admission is Rp 40,000 Monday till Thursday and Rp 50.000 from Friday till Sunday. You can find hotels and souvenir kiosks in the area.

Balekambang Beach

About Balekambang beach

Balekambang beach is located in the Village Srigonco, Batur district, approximately 65 km south of Malang. Balekambang beach is quite beautiful and worth visiting.

For those who like camping, you are allowed to camp at the beach, so you can not only enjoy Balekambang during the day, but also at night with camping outdoors with your family. There are ample facilities at Balekambang beach: souvenir stalls, restaurants, tourist office and even a swimming pool to name a few.
Balekambang beach is quite sloping, with sea coral that stretches for 2 km with a width of 200 meters towards the sea. If you're lucky, at low tide, you can find a variety of tropical fish on the sidelines of the reefs. Also visible is a row of three islands, namely: Ismoyo Island, where annually the ritual ceremony Jalanidhipuja ceremonies for both Hindus and Javanese New Year is held, Anoman Island and Island Wisanggeni.

The admission fee for the beach is just Rp.5200 per person.

Bromo Semeru National Park

About Bromo Semeru National Park

Bromo-Semeru National Park is one of the most impressive national parks in Indonesia covering 5250 hectares made largely of volcanic ash. The Bromo-Semeru Mountains are still active and a famous tourist attraction in East Java.

At the top Mount Bromo you will have an amazing view at the huge stretch of sand which is the bottom of the old crater. To get to the peak of Mount Bromo you can not use vehicles but there are horses that you can rent for Rp.70.000. You can walk too but the high altitude and the sulfur in the air makes it quite tiresome. The horses will take you to the foot of the crater where you can continue by climbing the stairs, (only 250 steps). Besides the wide view you have here on the old crater you can also see a temple and the grandeur of the Semeru mountain peak looming through the clouds. Best to get here just after the sun has risen since then the sun will shine at the fog which is formed at night ensuring picture perfect moments.

The best place to watch the sunrise is at Mount Pananjakan, the highest mountain in the region. At the top is a viewpoint (where in this awfully quiet area amazingly suddenly a hundred tourists may gather) where you will have a magnificent view of the sun rising up in the east illuminating new amazing sights on Mt Bromo and mountains further away. If you are lucky it is a little bit clouded and the red, orange sky above a mysterious almost outer-terrestrial landscape will amaze you.

If you did not bring your own motorbike or car you will need to get a jeep in the village or hotel you stay to take you here (be also aware you will need to get up at 4am). The road is on the crater floor which resembles pretty much a desert, and then a narrow road twists and climbs so that after a bumpy ride you have reached the top. It can be quite cold, especially before the sun has risen (just above zero degrees) but there are some food stalls that provide hot tea or coffee.

After the sun has risen most people go back to the jeep and have them taken to the Mt Bromo drop point where the before mentioned horses are waiting to take you to the top of the crater.

In the region of Mount Bromo-Semeru also in a traditional ceremony held every full moon which usually falls on the 14th or 15th in the tenth month.

This ceremony is carried out by the local community and begins at midnight till early morning. The ceremony is called Kesodo ceremony and is used to ensure an abundant harvest and the healing of the sick by throwing offerings into the crater of Mount Bromo.

Kolbano Beach Kupang Indonesia

Kalbano Beach

 About Kolbano Beach

Bit bored with beautiful beaches with white sand? Try this one, the beach of Kolbano. It is very unique because it is not made of white sand but of colorful stones.

The beach is located in the Village Kolbano, Kolbano District, South Central Timor (TTS), East Nusa Tenggara province with total area of ??17 km2. Kolbano Beach is famous for its colored stones and the stones have been mined and traded by the local population since 1971. These stones are usually used as decorative stone in gardens.

This beach has various forms of rocks and a variety of colors like red, green, yellow, black, patterned stones and even those have three colors (red, black and beige).

Getting to Kolbano Beach

This beach can be reached by using Mandala Airlines, Sriwijaya Airlines, Merpati Airlines or Batavia Airlines to get in Kupang.

On arrival in Kupang you can continue your journey by city bus to Kolbano (Rp.60.000), it takes about 6 hours. Because the bus takes 6 hours for a one-way trip it is better to stay the night in Kupang and get on the 6:00 am bus to Kolbano.